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St.Patrick's High School Keady

Staffing Personal

Staffing in the Art and Design Department  

St Patrick’s Art & Design Department currently has three full-time Specialist trained Art & Design teachers.

The current areas of specialism of our departmental staff are:- Fine Art drawing, Painting, Textiles, Ceramics,  Illustration, Graphic Design and MIA.

Teaching Staff

  • Ms R Finn (Head of Department) :- Textiles, Fine Art & Ceramics

Additional Responsibilities:- GAIG, Numeracy, & VLA representative

  • MsB Healy:- Illustration, Moving Image Arts. Additional Responsibilities:- Literacy representative 
  • MrsC McGurgan- Fine Art Painting, Textiles. Additional responsibilities:- SEN & Public Relation liaison representative.

Technical Support Staff

  • Mr Brendan Cox: - Technician: Specialising in Fine Art & Ceramics. ICT Computer Graphic Design & MIA,
  • Briege Courtney: Textiles Technician: part time

Areas of Responsibility

  • Ms R Finn, MsB Healyand Mrs McGurgan are all responsible for the delivery of the Art & Design & Curriculum and related Specifications at KS3, KS4 and KS5.

The members of the Art and Design Departmental team will:

  • Work collaboratively, providing mutual support and encouragement
  • Set high standards of performance in pupils
  • Keep teaching and learning standards constantly under review
  • Keep up to date with developments/initiatives in the teaching of Art and Design, be prepared to consider the merits of such developments and Implement changes where appropriate.

Head of Department Job Description

The HOD will work closely with the Principal and Senior Link Team and other colleagues as appropriate, to secure high quality teaching, effective use of resources and high standards of achievement for all students.

The tasks of subject leadership are set out in the following six areas:

A:   Strategic direction and development of the subject

B:   Teaching and learning

C:   Leading and managing staff

D:   Development and deployment of people and resources

E:    Examinations and Assessment…Organisation and promotion of    activities aimed at enhancing the experiences of students and staff within the subject area.

JOB Description for teaching staff

Art Teachers are required to:

  • Be willing and competent to teach pupils in their appointed subject(s) up to and including GCSE and/or ‘A’ Level.
  • Further the stated aims of St Patrick’s High School Keady
  • Be prepared to undertake the role and duties of a Form Teacher in accordance with the responsibilities outlined within the school’s pastoral provision.
  • Fulfil the expectations as outlined in the document ‘Expectations of a teacher in St Patrick’s School.’
  • Prepare thoroughly for class work.
  • Continue to update professionally by personal study and formal inservice training.
  • Be enthusiastic and dedicated.
  • Work under the Head of Department in preparing schemes of work appropriate to the classes assigned.
  • Attend Department meetings as required and complete work delegated by the Head of Department.
  • Relate to pupils in a friendly and helpful manner and assist and encourage the intellectual, religious, moral, personal and social development of each pupil.
  • Have a good knowledge and understanding of pupil by keeping detailed and up-to-date records of their progress and achievements.
  • Set, examine and correct pupils’ homework regularly.
  • Carry out the department’s schedule of continuous assessment.
  • Insist on good manners and discipline from pupils.
  • Be willing to be involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Dress in an appropriate professional manner while at work and comply with any direction, which may be given by School Management in regard to appropriateness of personal presentation.

 The Aims of the Art and Design Department

  • As a Catholic school in partnership with the community, the art department in St Patrick’s High School seeks to provide our students with a secure, caring Christian, stimulating and happy environment which seeks high values of work and personal integrity where learning can be achieved and pupils are encouraged to develop their talents and character and contribute positively to home, school, church and society. The Department recognises the value and importance of this overall school aim in the development of the student’s individual Art and Design education.
  • Art and Design education within the school curriculum has had to contend with a range of misconceptions regarding its worthwhile outcomes to the educational development of the pupil.  It is the need to develop visual and aesthetic awareness within the child that justifies and clarifies the role and contribution Art and Design plays not only in the curriculum but also in the overall education and development of the individual.

It should be noted that:

  • As appropriate, the aims and objectives of theArtDepartmentrelate directly to those of the School, and to the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum;
  • To be consistent with the conception employed in the Northern Ireland Curriculum documentation, 'Art' should be interpreted here as 'Art, Craft and Design';
  • The Art and Design Department in this School offers, to all students, courses in 'Art and Graphic Design', 'Fashion and Textile Design' and 'Ceramics’ at all Key Stages.
  • The Art and Design Department in St Patrick’s High School Keady offers to all KS4 & KS5 students, a GCSE,  AS and A2 course in ‘Moving Image Arts’.

KS3 Art & Design Curriculum

  • Art and Design is part of the statutory curriculum for every pupil at Key Stage 3 in St Patrick’s High School Keady and is an option for further study at Key Stage 4 and 5.
  • Art and Design within the school curriculum aims to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives. It is about helping all pupils prepare for life and work.
  • Art and Design has a significant role to play in this: Many young people at this age have a keen interest in trying to understand major issues that they encounter within their own culture, and through the media. Coming to a more informed understanding of the personal, social and environmental issues, which will have an impact on them during their lives, young people need to explore:
  • their sense of identity and belonging
  • their curiosity about the world around them
  • their value system and how we interact with our world and with each    other.

For Art and Design to be relevant in the revised curriculum in St Patrick’s High School Keady it must meet the overall curriculum objectives.

These are:

1. Developing pupils as individuals

Art and Design can address this objective through its unique qualities, which are closely linked to creativity. It gives scope for imagination and fresh thinking rather than using what already exists.

Art and Design helps with understanding those areas of culture which are non-verbal. It uses materials and techniques to extend the experience of physical and manipulative skills, and it gives an outlet for creativity.

2. Developing pupils as contributors to society

Art and Design can address this objective by examining the ways in which the worlds of life and work are dominated by visual experience and the use of images. Understanding images helps cope with the variety of meanings with which we are daily bombarded. Art and Design is the one subject where visual skills come first. In Art and Design pupils work directly with materials, techniques and equipment as well as the products of culture.

3. Developing pupils as contributors to the economy

Art and Design can address this objective by exploring the work of artists, designers and craft workers. Through this sort of study pupils can develop skills, which help choices where there is no ‘right’ answer, and solutions are dependent on context. The subject offers many opportunities to develop personal and cultural understanding, which are transferable skills.

Art and Design develops skills valued by employers; such as: improving own learning and performance, problem finding and solving, working with others, and using new and emerging technologies.


  • Building on the 6 Key Stage 3 aims and those outlined in the NI CCEA GCSE Syllabus.
  • To guide the students through the GCSE Syllabus
  • To have each student meet the coursework and ESA criteria for assessment and in doing so achieve their personal best and maximum potential.


  • By continuing to develop and build on the Key Stage 3 and 4 aims.
  • To guide the students through the relevant AS/A2 Syllabus
  • To develop their capacity for creative thought, originality and resourcefulness and intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive powers.
  • To relate their experience of Art and Design to that of professional artists and designers in both contemporary and historical concepts and where appropriate, make links to careers in the creative industries; and develop an understanding of the inter-relationships between art, craft and design and an awareness of the contexts in which they operate;
  • To develop their special aptitudes and interests, self-confidence, initiatives and an interest in, enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of art, craft and design. 
  • To develop students investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, technical and expressive skills, aesthetic understanding and critical judgment
  • To develop students independence of mind in relation to developing their ideas while refining their own intentions and personal outcomes;
  • To develop students observation and recording from primary sources;
  • To develop students experience of working with a broad range of media, including traditional and new media and technologies;
  • To develop students’ awareness of different roles, functions and audiences and consumers of art, craft and design practice.
  • To advise and guide students in their course selection, interviews, portfolios and end of course exhibition.
  • To have students achieving their optimum grade at AS/A2 level in order to follow their chosen third level course.

Community Project

Year 9 students help create murals for Darkley Primary School



Enhanced Learning

Enhanced Learning Project